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Let me clarify right away – I have NO medical training. My standard remedy for almost any medical issue from minor scrapes, pulled muscles, sprained ankles, possibly broken bones, or non-descript aches and pains is always the same – ice/elevate/Advil. Maybe a bandaid and some Neosporin if anything’s bleeding. If that doesn’t fix it a couple days, go see a doctor. So the idea of Sports I.V. Therapy was way out of my comfort zone but then I thought why not see what all the fuss was about…

I don’t usually bandwagon on the newest craze or rush headlong into medical procedures but during a recent cycling event the opportunity arose to do both. I’d had a headache/migraine for a week and had just ridden a metric century on a hot day. When I crossed the finish line, the Anazao MD‘s Sports I.V. Concierge station was set up with a full medical staff and was welcoming all comers. I’d heard of professional athletes using intravenous therapy for dehydration but I never thought I’d try it.

The Anazao MD’s Sports I.V. Concierge service had a full menu of treatment options. Luckily for me they were offering a race day special!

I was curious but leery, hopeful but cautious. Would it really make a difference? When I mentioned that I had a headache that just wouldn’t quit, Dr. Jeanne Fitzsimmons and Nurse Gretchen Herrero told me a saline I.V. with extra vitamins, minerals and magnesium would help with dehydration and headache symptoms. I was so sick of being in pain and going through Tylenol and Advil like water that I was ready to try something new.

I bellied up to the bar or rather got comfy in a camp chair under an Airstream awning and held out my arm. Gretchen was extremely kind and reassuring while I watched the fluids glide through the surgical tubing into my arm. While she offered me juice and grapes she also told me that professional athletes rehydrate all the time and mentioned a local triathlete who is a weekly client. Later that day I would meet a police officer who told me patrolmen sometimes revive with an I.V. when they run across a first responder ambulance. I felt I was in good company.

How did I feel after? I felt GREAT! My headache had finally subsided and I felt energized – not like I’d want to ride another 62 miles but like I wouldn’t mind hanging out at the BBQ all afternoon. Riding and exercising at elevation, especially during the hot summer months, can take a toll on the body. Sports I.V. Therapy can give you an edge and help you recover faster and that seems like a good option. According to the Anazao website, other uses of I.V. Therapy are: hangover helper, altitude sickness, morning glory (I’ll let you look that one up:), jet lag, anti-aging and beauty, classic Meyer’s Cocktail to rehydrate and recharge, and immunity.

Sports I.V. Therapy after a long, hot ride hit the spot.