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I started using Honey Stinger gels a few years ago when I was training for the Ironman. I liked the energy boost they gave me during extended endurance workouts; I liked that they were easily digestible, and I liked the compact packaging that made them easy to pack and carry. I liked the products so much that I approached Honey Stinger about a sponsorship. When HS heard I was training for my first triathlon and that I’d chosen a full Ironman to make that debut, they were all in! In the years since, Honey Stinger has continued to support my athletic pursuits and I in turn have tried to up the ante every year:)

The Honey Stinger kit is one sweet set up:)

HS History
Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Honey Stinger, (originally known as EN-R-G- Bar), was first created by Ralph and Luella Gamber in the 1950s. Ralph was a beekeeper and he thought honey would be a perfect energy source for athletes. His mission statement was simple – use natural ingredients, provide great taste, and feature honey. But Ralph and Luella were a little ahead of their time, it would be another 50 years before the world was fully ready to hear their message. Re-established in 2002, EN-R-G Foods now carries that original vision and mission forward today.

The Science Behind Honey
The secret to honey as a fuel source is in the science. Carbohydrates provide the primary fuel the body uses for energy. Since honey is carbohydrate rich due to its fructose and glucose content, it makes a high-powered, natural energy snack delivering a slower, more sustained energy to athletes. Sugar is 50% glucose / 50% fructose which the body easily burns through creating a spike in insulin (the well known sugar rush) followed by the sugar crash (the tired feeling you get after consuming sweets).

On the other hand, honey is 30% dextrose (glucose chains) / 40% fructose / and at least 22 other, more complex, sugar types. These sugars are not found in nectar, but are formed during the ripening and storage of honey by bee enzymes. This means they are more readily available for absorption by the body’s tissues. Honey has a low glucose index rating, (GI 55). Carbs in low GI foods enter the bloodstream more slowly and cause less dramatic fluctuations in blood glucose levels. This means better energy balance, longer physical endurance, and a better refueling after exercise.

When To Fuel:
1. Before Exercise – Eating carbohydrates before an athletic activity gives an energy boost. When honey is eaten before a workout or an athletic event, the energy is released at a steady rate throughout the activity
2. During Exercise – Consuming carbohydrates such as honey during workouts helps muscles stay nourished longer and delays fatigue

3. After Exercise – Ingesting a combination of protein and carbohydrates immediately following exercise (within 30 minutes) helps refuel the body, decreases muscle soreness, and sustains favorable blood sugar concentrations after training.

Honey Stinger Products
Energy Gels, Organic Waffles, Energy Chews, Bars, Kids Organic Waffles and Chews (smaller serving sizes), and Wildflower Honey.

Honey Stinger products have you covered – gels, waffles, bars, and chews.


I’ve tried them all and have yet to find one I didn’t like. Each product line comes in amazing flavors like: (gels) acai pomegranate, fruit smoothie, mango orange, strawberry kiwi, chocolate, and vanilla, (waffles) honey, lemon, gingersnap, caramel, salted caramel, chocolate mint, (chews) cherry blossom, fruit smoothie, orange blossom, pink lemonade, lime aid, cherry cola, (bars) cran-apple walnut, peanut butter and jelly, nuts seeds and roasted serrano, super fruit and ancient grain, and more! They taste like real food and come with options like classic, organic, caffeinated, gluten free, and kid size.

My Go To Favorites:
My all time favorites are the Caffeinated Chocolate Gels and the Cherry Blossom Energy Chews. For steady energy delivery throughout the ride, sometimes I’ll mix a gel in my water bottle.
You can find Honey Stingers in your grocery store and many sporting goods stores. Or you can purchase online (orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping!) Get the goods at: http://www.honeystinger.com

Get Stung!

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