Kay is a Colorado cyclist and lives in Boulder. She likes a good adventure and maybe goes a little too far sometimes...

It’s January and it’s the middle of winter so I’m thinking more about skiing than cycling right now but I ran into this guy on the ski hill and was fascinated by his ride!

Owner, designer, and creator of the Boomerang Ski Bike, Jeff Rapp, took the idea of a traditional ski bike with 2 skis and simplified it. His bike carves on ONE ski while he wears foot skis on his feet that act like rudders. Made of welded aluminum, the ski bike mounts to a ski with a traditional binding. Depending on snow conditions, the ski can be swapped out for anything from hardpack carving to blower powder. There’s even an ingenious storage area under the seat that can hold all the extras you might need on the mountain – water, sunscreen, snacks, gloves, phone, etc. The seat is mounted to a mountain bike shock for absorption.

Jeff designed the ski bike with adaptive skiers in mind but he says anyone could have fun on it. I skied behind him for a run just to see what it could do and was surprised at the nimbleness of his ski bike. He charged thru powder, arched beautiful turns, and stopped on a dime. I hope he gets this thing off the ground, he’s off to a great start!