Kay is a Colorado cyclist and lives in Boulder. She likes a good adventure and maybe goes a little too far sometimes...

We rode the Moots Ranch Rally this weekend, a 50 mile dirt road tour of thousands of acres of historic Steamboat, Colorado ranch lands. The route took us through remote regions of Route County past massive ranches, horses, cattle, cowboys, and wide open spaces that felt like the Wild West.

Moots is a local Colorado bike manufacturer handcrafting road and mountain bikes. Made with US titanium tubing, each bike is a work of art and is built around the concept of creating a lifetime bike – this may be the last bike you’ll ever need. Handbuilt in the Rockies by cyclists for cyclists and dedicated to perfection. Click this link to tour the facility and find out more about the process:

We left civilization behind and hit every kind of dirt imaginable – mag chloride hardback (nice), loose gravel, washboard, sand, axel-deep dried mud ruts, and washed out construction repair (definitely not nice), hills, hills, and more hills. Controlled chaos is what I’d term it, one slip away from catastrophe.
The uphills felt like running in sand and the downhills felt like ice skating on marbles. I did hit the deck once while climbing a 14% grade when one of those cavernous ruts grabbed my front wheel and threw me down, luckily I was only going 2mph anyway – basically standing still and asking for trouble:)




Like every good western, all’s well that ends well at the trail’s end. I learned some new skills on the bike this day and saw some gorgeous country. Moots hosted a fabulous BBQ on one of the ranches just before we got back to town. A cold drink and a loaded sandwich under the shade trees never tasted so good!
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