Kay is a Colorado cyclist and lives in Boulder. She likes a good adventure and maybe goes a little too far sometimes...

I ride for a women’s cycling team called Team Ten 20 and a couple times a year we take a road trip to see what we can see. This spring weather conditions, and timing all came together for a spectacular weekend of cycling in Aspen. The Roaring Fork Valley was awash in greens of every shade while the river and creeks were raging with snowmelt waters. A feast for the eyes around every corner.

Day #1 we rode Maroon Bells, Snowmass, and Woody Creek Tavern
Day #2 we rode Independence Pass
Cutest kits on the road this year:)
Morning game plan – ready, set, go! Amanda has her hands full corralling 24 girls on bikes.
Mount Sopris guards the entrance to the Roaring Fork Valley.
Jumping for joy at Maroon Bells:)
Team Ten 20 shot at Maroon Bells.
You don’t have to look far to find the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson at the Woody Creek Tavern, an iconic counter-culture watering hole.
Independence ghost town.


Independence is a ghost town now, (those 2 tiny cabins are all the remain), but when gold was discovered on July 4, 1879, (hence the town name), a tent camp of 300 miners settled here. Mining went bust a few years later and nearly everyone left town; however, during the winter of 1899, the few who remained were caught in one of Colorado’s worst snow storms. Cut off from supplies and running out of food, they proceeded to dismantle their homes, make 75 pairs of wooden skis, and escape en masse to Aspen. The last resident was J.R. Williams who was one of the original miners and maintained a stamp mill in Independence until 1920. The Williams Mountains are named after him.
Breathing rarified air on top of the world – the Continental Divide on Independence Pass 12,095 ft. The 2 hour grind uphill was worth the 40mph descent – surrender to gravity!
Highway 82 is the highest paved road crossing the Continental Divide. Closed during the winter months, it reopens on Memorial Day every year. We were lucky to get to ride it with no cars the weekend before! 
The BEAST that clears the road.
Earlier in the week CDOT was blasting to clear the snow before opening. We crossed over a dozen or so avalanche zones but the snow held and no dynamite was used this day.
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