Kay is a Colorado cyclist and lives in Boulder. She likes a good adventure and maybe goes a little too far sometimes...

We’ve waited years for the Highway 36 expansion project between Boulder and Denver to be completed. Part of the deal was a $16 million dollar, ribbon of silky smooth concrete (also known as a bike path) that runs parallel to the highway. It just opened last week so we decided to check it out! A little creative route finding (we found out it’s not actually completely finished yet), a couple of u-turns (no map no problem), some construction detours (saw parts of the city we’ve NEVER seen), and a stream fording which all made for a super fun day of exploration and a little adventure on the bikes.

We were so psyched to have a relatively warm, sunny day to ride we jumped on the first fair weekend but our impromptu jaunt landed us right in the middle of Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Not to be undone by green people everywhere, we celebrated our ride and an unconventional St. Paddy’s Day with fish tacos and margaritas. The best part of our plan was making this a one-way ride and taking the bus home!

Highway 36 Bike Path straight ahead!
JJ and I are all smiles as we breeze along on our way to Denver.
Terry and Charlie use a little creative route finding around a construction zone. (The path is ALMOST finished:)

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