Kay is a Colorado cyclist and lives in Boulder. She likes a good adventure and maybe goes a little too far sometimes...

I have to admit it, I can’t wait for it to snow! Ski season can never come too soon and I relish the day the those first fluffy snowflakes fall silently to the ground and cover the earth in a blanket of white. But first Mother Nature does that thing called Fall where she  buttons up the fields, wraps up the trees, and prepares for the cold days ahead. And so as I wait for winter I also pedal through fall.

Autumnal cycling means riding in the twilight of shortened days, breathing in crisp cold air, crunching though brittle fallen leaves, and catching a whiff of campfire woodsmoke. As Mother Nature puts on her golden cloak of autumn and prepares for the upcoming winter snows, cycling takes a slower pace. The big event tours are a distant summer memory and the hours of spring training are in the bank, now is the time to reap the rewards of a season well spent and remember the shear joy of riding just to ride.

Pedal down any country road in Boulder County during October and you’ll run across multiple pumpkin patches where farmers outdo themselves displaying their harvest finery. Wander into a pumpkin patch to pick your own or pluck one from the display bins. Take a ride on the farmer’s tractor-pulled flatbed wagon. Buy more pumpkins and gourds than you really need and support the farmers. Decorate your front porch, make jack-o-lanterns, cook pumpkin soup, bake pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, roast pumpkin seeds, and save some seeds to plant your own pumpkin next year!

Fall is a great time to get a few more rides in so get out there and see what you can see!

Pick a pumpkin, any pumpkin!
Bridge of golden leaves.
Riding the range.
A red maple leaf saddles up.
A mini for your pocket.
Gourds galore!
Go West young man.